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 Support Pack Downloads

Download our Support Pack 

The Support Pack information created by the Annabel Harwood Trust is available for free download and printing, by clicking on the link above.


Our first revision of the support pack is now available, if you already have a previous support pack and would like to download the latest updates, click on the link below.

Download Updates


Please Note: These downloads only update pages which have changed. If you would like to print a complete copy of the support pack, click on the link at the top of this page.


 About our Support Pack

Our Support pack has been carefully created to provide the information to help parents cope with the loss of their baby. We have put together the pack to consolidate all the information you need to help you through one of the most difficult times of your lives.

After we lost Annabel, we found the information which we needed at that particular moment, was not readily available, and sometimes difficult to find.


There are 2 types of pack available:


Complete Support Pack

The Complete Support pack is provided free of charge to parents who have suffered the loss of a baby and is distributed by the Royal Sussex County Hospital (Brighton) or the Princess Royal Hospital (Haywards Heath). Generally the packs are provided to parents who have lost their baby at the hospital.

The Complete Support pack contains the Support Pack Information (see below) plus selected leaflets and selected books, presented in a folder to keep.


The Complete Support pack is also available for purchase. Please contact for details.


Support Pack Information

The Support pack information provides most of the information found on this web site in a single document for you to print or give to someone you think may benefit. There is also some additional information not available in the web site. The contents of the pack is as follows:


Please click on a Section link above to view that part of the support pack.

* Only a subset of this section's information is available on this web site