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The Annabel Harwood Trust relies totally on donations to provide the support packs and CTG equipment. It is run completely by volunteers. We had originally planned to hold at least one fund raising event per year, but this is not possible due to moving out of the country.

The following sections show the fundraising activities we have achieved to date. I hope these events give you an idea on what we have achieved in order to keep the charity running.

We rely on donations to continue providing the support packs click here to get details on donating to The Annabel Harwood Trust.


2003 Events

This year was the launch of the support packs which required a considerable amount of time and effort. We had significant funding from the previous two years events to enable the support packs to be made, and so we decided not to hold a fund raising event this year.


2002 Events

Halloween Party

2002 saw the AHTrust Fancy Dress Halloween Party for children. The party catered for 100 children and provided the children with a Disco, party games (such as Apple Bobbing, Pinata and Guess the body Parts). There were small prizes at all the games, sweets inside the pinatas and big prizes for the fancy dress costumes. All the children left with Party Bags and had a great time, it was a great success and parents were already asking about the next year!

Again, local businesses supported our event by donating prizes, party games items, equipment and party bags, which helped maximise our fundraising which was generated by ticket sales.

Please click here to view photos of the event


2001 Events

Raft Race

2001 was the first year of the Charity and we wanted to raise a significant amount of money to get the Charity started. We wanted to enter and an event that was challenging and interesting enough to generate sponsorship money. My employer also offered to match whatever money we raised.

We chose to do the Lewes to Newhaven Raft race, an annual event that generated a lot of interest, and also allows a sponsors a chance to get involved by throwing rotten eggs, flour bombs and other items derived from cows!

We had to build the Raft ourselves, which was helped by some generous donations from local companies supplying us with Materials. We built the raft in my garage, and tested it on Seaford beach a few weeks before the event.

The Race itself was more difficult than we thought - 6 miles down the river ouse, passing under a few bridges whilst being bombarded from above. The first challenge was to get off the starting line (some rafts didn't!) as there is always a big fight between rafts at the start. Luckily we didn't have a solid bottom to the raft or we would have been sunk!

The professionals soon disappeared down the river, leaving 3 or 4 of us together having our own private race. We managed to win that particular battle and finished at number 13 of 18 rafts entered.

Please click here to view photos of the event