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The Annabel Harwood Trust was established in 2000 by Trevor and Catherine Harwood, following the loss of Annabel to Stillbirth, one day before her caesarean section. The Charity was registered in 2001.

The main aim of the Trust is to provide custom made support packs providing the information to help parents cope with losing a baby at, or around birth.

Although there is a wealth of helpful and supportive information available to help parents of neonatal death or stillborn babies, during the first weeks and months following such a tragedy, parents are often not able to get to this information easily, right when it is most needed.

The support packs contain information regarding support groups, local councillors, web sites and available books available. We also include selected books in the packs.

To ensure that the correct information is provided, we are working in partnership with SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society - registered charity 299679) and the Brighton & Sussex NHS Trust. The support packs are distributed directly to parents through the local health authorities, where they will be most effective. The Support Packs are also available to buy directly from the Charity.

When possible, we are also donating to the Brighton & Sussex NHS Trust, additional Cardio TocoGraph (CTG) equipment. This equipment has links with helping prevent Neonatal Death or stillbirth by helping to detect foetal distress, which could reduce the possibility of another stillborn baby.